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Janeen has been working with my teenage daughter for less than a year. During that time, my daughter has made noticeable improvements with her singing and confidence. Janeen has also tapped in to my daughter's creative abilities and started teaching her to write her own songs. Janeen's ability to build relationships with her clients is what makes her shine above the rest. She is professional, experienced, knowledgeable, and shows great care and patience when mentoring my daughter. Singing with Janeen is more than just learning and enhancing a skill. Her mentorship also helps build my daughter's character.




Janeen was inspiring on visit 1! Looking forward to working with her. Thanks Janeen!



"Janeen is a super amazing and talented songwriter, singer & producer!

Any idea you might have for a song, she is able to understand your desire and help you

bring that into existence! She is super creative and never gives up!

If you have a any melody that you want as a song, even in your head,

or whatever it may be, she will do everything possible to help create it!

Without a doubt, song writing can be difficult at times when you’re trying to find the right words and beats to portray your personal message with style and flow...but when working with Janeen you’ll never encounter a difficult time, without laughter and motivation to help you get through it! She makes it incredibly fun! She is a Super awesome lady and I highly recommend her!"

-Meghan Maloof (Mechanic, Stunt-driver & Star of Netflix DRIVE HARD: The Maloof Way)



Janeen teaches songwriting to my two kids. They always look forward to seeing her for their next lesson. She is great with them. Janeen is patient and loving. She has a special way of getting them motivated. My kids love Janeen!. She’s so inspirational. I love her style. She’s the best! She’s an awesome person and teacher. I highly recommend Janeen!

-Alisha Eiber



"It’s really fun and you’re surrounded by people who want the best for you.

It’s a great environment!"    

-Kayla Moller (student)




"Best teacher someone could ask for,

don’t know what i would do without her, perfect for everyone, everywhere." 

-Kaylee Eiber (student)



"If you're looking for a teacher who is professional and enthusiastic,

with an effective technique to helping you discover your latent potential, then look no further.
Working on singing and songwriting with Janeen has been the opportunity of a lifetime.

I've learned so much from someone who has first-hand experience in the music business

and her wisdom is always priceless. I've grown as an artist thanks to her knowledge

and guidance with singing, songwriting, and performing."

-Shannon Remy (5 year student)




"...because of your song, and your beautiful voice, you saved my daughter from the grips of suicide. We are forever grateful for such a miracle. When we pray for what we need, God lines the right people up, and miracles happen!! Thankyou Janeen for helping Shannon live her dreams. We love you." 

-Jeannie Remy

(Author, Mother to student Shannon Remy)



"These talented artists have been under my mentorship for several years now & it is an absolute honor to have them in my life. They are a blessing to EVERYONE who gets to hear them."

-Sammy Maloof

(Hollywood Stuntman, Engine Builder, Speaker, Author,  Mentor)



"Mentoring with music equips, empowers and nurtures through creation and expression of music rooted in the Word of God. Love that is poured out through song and blesses all who hear it!"

-Gigi Erneta

Actress, Public Speaker, Radio Host, Writer



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